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A Las Vegas cab driver finds a million dollars of stolen money in his cab after his fare is murdered. Soon after, a ruthless hitman is in pursuit; he will stop at nothing to recover the money and dispose of all witnesses.
A Las Vegas cab driver discovers a stolen million dollars, and is tracked by a relentless and cold-blooded assassin sent to retrieve the money.
I love B grades, especially ones like this that surprise me, and this is exactly what 'Night Of The Running Man' does, and it doesn't stop for anything. We've got one slick thriller, and Scott Glenn here is bloody scary, an underestimated character of evil, a professional hit-man, void of remorse or emotion (watch one lovemaking scene that sickly shocks). Andrew McCarthy who does well here, plays a loser cab driver, who like he says, gambler that he is, has the worst run of luck possible. Fleeing the scene of a crime, his previous passenger run down, after stealing a suitcase full of money, the kind of moolah that can get you dead (and remember we're in Vegas here) leaves it behind in McCarthy's cab. Here's McCarthy's plan: Take off from Vegas with the money, leaving his little trailer park home, for some greener pasture, but Glenn is hot on his heals, making this a dangerous and scary thriller/adventure. No doubt the trademark scene is the torture one, where John Glover as a sleazy old friend of Glenns, pretty much puts a stop plug on MCcarthy's plans, who gives his feet a bathing that he'll never forget. No surprise, this movie was directed by Mark Lester, who knows how to put magic into movies. NOTRM is pretty much a scene by scene movie, but it has pace, and for the viewer is scary fun, where you wouldn't want be in McCarthy's shoes, where psychopathic hit man Glenn's intensity is the winning formula in making this movie, as thrilling as it is, where it's neatly wraps up. The whole business of the story has a slick and wonderfully nifty feel, and Glenn here, is one of the screen's true evils you'll see in a while.
This is without question a "B" Movie, but what a "B" Movie, one of the best "Cat and Mouse" films you are likely to find. "The Cat", Scott Glenn's Dave Eckert is without question one of the most evil villains you will ever find in a film. There is not an ounce of decency in this person, he is a mob hit-man who while being a sociopath, is cool, calm, collective, rents silver Jaguar's, and always well dressed with a nasty sense of humor. If James Bond decided to work for the Mafia, he would be Dave Eckert. Spoilers ahead: There is one scene where a guy tries to mug Eckert, and Eckert takes out his knife and cuts his face, and when the guy says "I can't see" Eckert says "Get A Dog." He is also so heartless, he is dating this woman, and he murders her because she wants to find out who he really is. "The Mouse" Jerry Logan (Andrew McCarthy), is an innocent Las Vegas cab driver who picks up a fare who stole money from the Mob, and gets killed. Logan then takes the money and starts to fun, and so begins the chase. Eckert finds the trailer that Logan lives in, Logan gets away by hiding on top, Eckert tracks him down at the airport, he outruns Logan, and in the bathroom, steals a blind man's cane, and gets escorted onto the plane by a stewardess, and gives a finger to Eckert (You see the real anger in Eckert for the first time). Then he gets to LA and at the airport, he takes a cab to get away, but finds the driver is Derek Mills (John Glover), and even more sadistic hit-man then Eckert, who puts Jerry's feet in boiling water. Note: Eckert is robotic, but this guy enjoys torturing people and cannot wait until the day he has a showdown with Eckert to know who is best. Jerry is able to escape by pretending to be unconscious and knocks Mills out. He then collapses in the street and is taken to the Hospital where he is treated by Chris Altman (Janet Gunn), and when Eckert and Mills show up, he tries to run away, and she says if you leave you will die, he says if they catch me, I will die, and lets her know they are Mob hit men, and says he will pay anything to get away. Then they escape to a hotel, and Eckert and Mills track them down, and they flee to her home. Eventually Chris becomes his girlfriend and as Jerry says "Its been a long time since I met anyone nice." At the end, Mills punches out Chris cold, and Eckert murders Mills before he can come after him. I am not going to spoil anything else, but it will come down to Jerry vs Eckert for all the marbles. Does Jerry win? Of course, but how he does it is the best part (Which I will not spoil). 10/10 stars.

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