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Based on the best-selling novel by John Grisham, "The Firm" is a new drama series that continues the story of attorney Mitchell McDeere who, as a young associate 10 years earlier, had brought down the prestigious Memphis law firm of Bendini, Lambert & Locke, which had been operating as a front for the Chicago mob. After a difficult decade, which included a stay in the Federal Witness Protection Program, McDeere and his family now emerge from isolation to reclaim their lives and their future – only to find that past dangers are still lurking and new threats are everywhere.
Defense Attorney Mitch McDeere is targeted for execution by the Chicago Mob in retaliation for bringing down a profitable Mob-operated Memphis law firm ten years earlier.
I'm not sure what the fascination with starting a show with a climax, then flashing back to a scene anywhere from 2 hours to (in this case) 6 weeks earlier - to show us how we got to the scene in the first place. Just about ever TV show and movie does this - as if no one understands that a device stops being clever the 3rd time its used. But to compound this - in the opening episode we jump back 6 weeks - then 10 years, then back to the six week time frame - so its a flash back within a flash back? At least it seems as though they were able to locate a tripod to rest the camera on - maybe we've finally gotten past the Hill Street Blues school of camera work. I'm just tired of getting dizzy watching the on the shoulder camera work.
my opinion that its captivate me from the beginning and want to watch one after one episodes, i see one after one 4 -5 episode per day and now i'm here at ep.19 and i wait for the next, sorry i hear that was canceled, the good shows all are canceled..Josh Lucas alias Mitch McDeere its very good actor, and the others too. He and his brother Ray are also very good actors. My opinion that if you like Lie to ME, you will like this show too… The all episodes are very good. I like very much this show. I don't want to cancel this show but i supposed that already was canceled? Please let me know if this show have a chance to resurrection?

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