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A lumberjack knocks out a champion boxer in a brawl, gets drawn into the boxing world where he is unknowingly set up for a fixed fight.
Hal Donovan gets into a fight with ex-heavyweight champion Slug Cassidy at a lumber camp in the north woods. Slug takes a bad beating and he and his trainer, Spider, urge Hal to become a professional boxer. Soon, "Chopper" Hal proves to be a natural and is beating all comers. He meets Kay Conrad, who is struggling to support her father, an ex-fighter invalided for life in the ring, and her young brother Dickie. Kay hates everything connected to the sport, and Hal keeps her ignorant of his profession. But Slug and Spider tell the Conrads of Hal's identity as "Chopper" Hal, and Kay breaks off the engagement while Hal takes to the open road. Hal, now a tramp, picks up odd jobs where he can find them and one of them leads him to a training camp where he meets Slug and Spider with their new fighter Lion Lee. He also meets Kay and learns that her father is in desperate need of money. He accepts Spider's offer to fight Lee, on the condition that he take a dive in the third round. Kay learns of this and begs Hal to fight an honest fight if he is determined to fight. He tells Spider that he'll fight Lee on honest terms and the match is on.
Herman Brix (later known as Bruce Bennett) was an Olympian and early Tarzan. He was good looking, athletic and could act reasonably well. However, he also was stuck in many bad and very cheap films–which is probably why very people have heard of him today. Later, he changed his name to Bruce Bennett (to hide that he appeared in many BAD films) and ended up having a much more successful career in westerns. Here, he stars as Herman Brix–so naturally it&#39;s a terrible film! <br/><br/>&quot;Flying Fists&quot; begins with a HUGE cliché (the first of many). Brix is working as a lumberjack (a job he actually did in real life) when he&#39;s assaulted by a big jerk. Brix flattens him and, what do you know, the big jerk just happens to be an ex-boxing champ! So, the ex-champ&#39;s folks decide to make Herman a star–and he soon moves up the ranks in the boxing world. However, Hermie meets a lady who HATES boxing (her dad was permanently injured while prize fighting) and Herm gives up his chance at stardom.<br/><br/>Time passes and Hermie-baby is an all-around swell guy. But, his lady-love&#39;s father is in need of an operation (gosh!) and Herm decides to return to the ring using another name (Brix seemed to like doing this in life). But, in order to get the fight and guarantee the money, he agrees to throw the fight against the contender. Only when he sees a cute kid (there&#39;s ALWAYS a cute little kid) does he realize that he&#39;s betraying the youth of America (making him practically a communist!). And, despite originally intending to fake it, he decides to come out swinging. Take a wild guess what happens next! If you are wrong, it&#39;s only because you have never seen the other 10348 films with these same sort of clichéd plot elements! While this is a bad film, it is, at times, unintentionally funny and I recommend you see it with a group of friends. Then, you can all play the delightful game of &#39;spot the cliché&#39; and you will no doubt have plenty to keep you occupied!

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